Healthcare Reform: It Is All About Cost & Accountability


This is the presentation of my group course project in CBA course FINA 812: Life Insurance lectured by Prof. Heather Clemens.

A. Beiermann, Z. Zhao, H.Y. Chao, G. Bruneau, “Healthcare Reform: It Is All About Cost & Accountability”, UNL CBA FINA812 Course Project, Nov. 2018, (Authors are listed in presenting order).

The Healthcare system in the United States is the most expensive system compared to other developed countries in terms of percentage of GDP (e.g. 16.6% in the U.S. v.s. 11.4% in Switzerland, the 2nd expensive country, in 2014), and this percentage kept raising since 1980s. Healthcare reform is also a highly debated topic during the 2016 election. We believe that the high cost is a major roadblock for other issues such as better coverage. In this course project, we broke down the cost of U.S. Healthcare system, and envisioned 4 solutions for the 3 largest cost objects: Ambulatory Healthcare, Hospitals/Nursing Homes, Pharmaceuticals. In this group project, I went through some literatures about the pharmaceutical industry: its regulatory framework and how pharmaceutical companies play around it, such as evergreening tactics employed by big pharma companies to stop generic drugs and keep price high.