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I am a postdoc in the ECE department at Rice University. Generally, I am interested in systems and my research covers wireless communications, signal processing, and machine learning (artifical intelligence). Here are a few topics I recently worked on:

My current and past work seeks to make wireless communications more alive and funin contrast to merely a cathedral of (dead) standards and protocols. That’s important for the products as well as talents.. I am also interested in deep learning itself and its applications beyond radio.

My current advisor is Santiago Segarra, and I finished my Ph.D. program under the advise of Mehmet C. Vuran (13-19). A few years back, I was advised by Zishu He in a research-based master program (06-09), and by Zhuming Chen in China’s national undergraduate electronic design contest (2005), in which my team was awarded the national 1st-class prize.

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I like finance, sports, and reading.