Earlier Projects

Remote Radio Unit of TD-LTE wireless basestation (Ericsson)

Motorola WiMAX (802.16e) Basestation Beamforming System (ArrayComm)

  • Developed commercial Multi-Antenna System (beamforming and MU-MIMO)
  • Developed MIMO calibration system

NEC PasoWings WiMAX Base-station PHY (ArrayComm)

  • Developed commercial physical layer software on many-core DSP + ARM System-On-Chip.
  • Implemented uplink equalizer and protocols (channel coding, de-interleaving, Cyclic Redundancy Check).
  • Quality of Services (QoS) optimization through task scheduling improvement.

Software Defined Radio Receiver (Master Thesis)

Real-Time High Resolution Image Compression System

Digital Soft Starter of Asynchronized AC Motor (Bachelor Thesis)

Swept-tuned Spectrum Analyzer, National 1st Prize in 2005 National Undergraduate Electronic Design Contest, (4-day contest)

  • National 1st prize (Top 3.8%, 173/4470)
  • Designed and implemented an automatic spectrum analysis and modulation identification of analog signal under test for frequency range of 0.1–30MHz.
  • A key performance of this spectrum analyzer is that it achieved fine spectral resolution of 200Hz with active crystal narrow band filter. I designed and implemented the analog superheterodyne frontend with dual-channel DDS signal source.
  • Worked with 2 teammates, and 1 advisor.